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We take pride in providing a gratifying customer experience. Thus, we store and ship inventory from our own warehouse to ensure products are packed carefully and shipped in a timely manner. This allows for our team’s complete control in achieving customer satisfaction and issuing free shipping on returns.



As a trusted distributor, we make sure our partners’ products can be found easily and shipped out quickly. Online transactions are increasingly abundant every day, and we gladly share our success in reaching shoppers on all the biggest online-shopping platforms such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more!



We work hard every day to stay current on all the ins and outs of e-commerce. Perfecting selling strategies while abiding by the everchanging policies and conditions of online marketplaces is what we do best. Our dedication to serving consumers through electronic avenues has resulted in the rapid growth of our business.



Leave the selling to us. Wherever consumers are found, we’ll meet them there with the offer they’re looking for. Our team of graphic designers and marketing professionals know how to show up and stand out in shoppers’ search results. We push valuable traffic in a cost-effective fashion, so our collaborators get more exposure for less.


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A business’s ability to adapt to changing environments is important for scaling and growth. One of the biggest changes today is the increasing volume of online transactions all around the world. It’s this change that leads us to believe that every organization that can sell online should sell online. Our clients are seeing the value in utilizing online marketplaces to make more sales, and they are trusting BW to make it happen for them. Whether a business is finding difficulty in seeing success in selling online or they simply lack the adequate capital, workforce or know-how, our team of online-retailing professionals eagerly uses proven marketing strategies on the biggest online marketplaces to help businesses reach their goals.


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About Us

BW Retail Solutions is comprised of a tight-knit team of professionals who do it all – from sourcing to sales and everywhere in between. We provide imperative services to retailers such as storing and fulfilling orders from our own warehouse. We market for and sell all products that we have in house, and our proven ability to excel in doing so has resulted in growing rapidly into the company we know and love today.

Our customer service team works hard to be sure that our customers are satisfied and will return to shop with us. Our graphic design team spends their days being sure that for all our inventory, we have images that best display the products for consumers, so they know clearly what they’ll receive upon purchasing. Our warehouse teams work well together with systems in place that allow for quick and efficient shipment of the orders we receive, and our executives are always sure that everyone here has the tools, equipment and knowledge required to perform our daily tasks.

The culture here at BW is alive and growing every day. The events and extracurricular activities put on by the company provide valuable fellowship among employees and leave nothing to be desired. This allows us to grow closer to one another and return to work with enthusiasm and excitement radiating throughout our daily workflow.

Our Facility

Located in Chesterfield, Michigan, our beautiful facility is home to an inviting workspace and a warehouse full of merchandise that is ready for picking and shipment. Our office space has a contemporary look and feel, and it is equipped with all the necessary tools for our team to excel. From here, all departments work as one to serve our ecommerce customers and achieve growth.

Meet Our Leadership

Chris Ball - Founder and CEO

Michigan State University Alum, eCommerce retail aficionado, serial entrepreneur, executive, business owner, investor, leader, Gambler, Amazon Jedi, and eBay Savant. I have spent the last 10 years of my life chasing dreams, taking chances, and gaining the life lessons necessary to be a better business leader and a better person.

My role here is simple, take an incredible group of people and do everything possible to help them be successful.

Eric Hessell - VP of Operations

I am a husband with two (soon to be three) small children, and a Michigan State University Graduate with a Master’s in Accounting. After spending the first nine years of my career in public accounting and corporate finance, I made a switch into operations with BW Retail Solutions. It’s a great place to work, with a fantastic group of employees that have a lot of pride in the success of the company. Seeing the business grow rapidly over the last four years has been the most rewarding time of my career!